Deer Services

General advice 

If you have or suspect you have a deer problem, then we can offer advice on the appropriate course of action. 

Herd management 

Culling deer as part of a management plan (following the stalking code of conduct) considering the size of the herd, the area on which they are living, damage to trees and fencing and local flora. Having no natural predators, deer numbers should be controlled in order to maintain healthy balanced herd 


An opportunity for accompanied stalking with a highly experienced guide. Andrews hunting experience includes  all the UK deer species, wild boar, rabbits and all vermin control. He has a wealth of knowledge about many animal and bird species and his enjoyment in purely being out in nature and observing the wildlife around him is passed on to guests whom he guides on a stalk.  

  • Estate rifle available 
  • Gralloching and post-mortem inspection training 
  • Shot animals can be purchased either in fur or butchered freezer ready 
  • Contact us for more information 

Vermin control 

Vermin control is offered on 

  • Rabbits 
  • Foxes