Andrew has grown up in a farming background and participated in hunting and game management from his early teens. Now with over 25 years’ experience in the field he works as a part time game keeper, operates a rural guest house, manages deer herds at several other locations around the country and advises landowners, farmers and individuals in how best to manage deer on their land.

The Dale House ethos.
Dale House is a rural guest house in the stunning Forest of Bowland AONB, run by Andrew and Dominique since 2014. The emphasis is on visiting and enjoying nature and fantastic food. Venison and game meat feature extensively on our menus and we feel it very important to make the most of this wild and sustainable food source.
There are 6 different deer species in the UK. Although some are localised to different areas, there is also growing concern about the increase in herd sizes along with the loss of habitat throughout the countryside.

We want to help create sustainable levels of deer, with healthy balance of individuals within a herd. 

Deer can be a problem on farms, forestry and gardens, damaging trees and stock fencing.
We manage the culling of selective animals for the health of the herd, in a humane and discreet way and then, using our own meat larder on site, hang and prepare the carcass to make the most of the venison. 

Venison is a healthy and sustainable food source, low in fat, high in protein, low carbon footprint and low food miles. We at Dale House would like to see game meat better understood and consumed more widely in the UK

Professional qualifications
Outdoors 1st aid